Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Caitlin goes to the Tide Pools

This year Cait's class has been studying ocean life. As a culmination to that unit they take a field trip to the San Pedro Tide Pools. It was a really fun trip, especially since the kids all knew what they were looking for. Cait has a great teacher who had them make their own t-shirts, and had them make identification necklaces with all the sea creatures and their information on them.
View from the lunch area


My almost third grader!

One of the crabs we saw

Cait's Second grade class

Carsons Birthday Party

This year we decided it was time to let Carson have his own birthday party. Carson LOVES all things that have to do with "worker men and build huge amazing stuff!" So, we did a construction birthday party. He loved it and asked if he could have his party again the next day! Below are some fun pics from his party.
Practicing hammering in nails

Tim giving instructions to the crew

We saw a cute idea to use a refrigerator box as a house and let the kids paint the house

Carsons friend Harper
Kaylee was ready to help

Miss Karis - Carsons best little girl friend - with the finished project

Working on our toolbox

Birthday boy

Tim and I with our 4 year old boy!

Look who's Six

A month and a half ago our sweet Grace turned 6. She has been wanting a play date with some girls from school so we had them over on her birthday. In normal Grace fashion they had to play dress-up.
Grace with her friends Addie and Noelle

Sweet sisters

Sporting her new shades and her missing front teeth

Graces Field Trip to Malibu Ranger Station

In the beginning of May Grace's class went on a field trip to the Malibu Park Ranger Station. It was a beautiful day and a really fun and educational field trip.
Here is Grace with a couple girls from her class - it was a lot of the kids first time riding a bus

Grace and Jhoezeil on our hike

A view from the top of our hike - it was a pretty steep climb up, but the view from the top was beautiful!

On our way up

Class Pic - yes Grace is the tallest in her class :)