Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fun in the Snow!

A few weeks ago Tim and I were able to go away for a few days and Tim's parents graciously agreed to watch the kids for us. As it ended up, it was snowing the day we left. I was kind of sad because I really wanted to play in the snow with our kids and get some pictures of them. Especially Grace as she doesn't remember the snow from last year and she takes such delight in the simple things of life. Well, things didn't go as smoothly as we were hoping (read the next post for details why) and I got to get my pictures. They are taken at Tim's parents.

Grace loved watching it fall and seeing snowballs break apart

Caitlin was able to talk Uncle Jon into playing with them, they even made a snowman. Caitlin informed Jon the next day when it fell over that "my daddy makes better snowmen than you!"

Caitlin forgot her hat so she had to borrow Carsons. She loved throwing snowballs and sledding.

What Life is All About

Well, my goal when I started this blog was to update it once a week. Obviously I am not accomplishing that! So, I thought I would give a glimpse into my days so you can see why this has been difficult! Here are just a few snapshot:
  • The most used phrase in our house right now is, "Caitlin, please let go of your brother! He does not want to be smothered!"
  • Carson is the going to be the child that causes us to put child locks in our kitchen. His favorite thing to do is take things out.
  • The following explains why some friends of ours will never come to us for potty training advice:
    • Carson had the flu for a couple of days and I went to change his diaper. Come to find out he actually needed a bath (I will let you put two and two together). The girls were playing contentedly downstairs so I thought it would a quick process. Right after I finished getting him dressed Caitlin comes upstairs with her pants around her ankles and informs me that she could not make it to the bathroom (as she is dragging her wet pants all over the house). I decide to have her clean it up. I finish taking care of the bathroom and go downstairs to check on Caite's progress. Right as I get to the bottom of the stairs Grace meets me and lets me know she pooped her pants! My comment to Tim that night, "I am so sick of dealing with bodily fluids!" May God give me the grace and patience I need! And if you are looking for potty training advice, I am more than happy to tell you all the things you should not do!
  • Caitlin has taken to informing me why she should not have done something as her way of letting me know what she just did. For example: "I do not think it was a good idea for me to get water for Grace out of the bathroom and I should not do it again."
Hopefully, I will be able to update a little more frequently, even in the midst of the busyness of motherhood!