Sunday, March 21, 2010

Answers to Prayers

Over the last month we have seen God answer many of our prayers. I am blown away by the care God has for us and the details He seems to always take care of. To think that He hears our prayers, the sinful and faithless people we are, and uses them is pretty amazing. Below are some of the ways He has answered:

* Financially - We received a $20,000 grant from the Mustard Seed Foundation, and continue to receive support from friends

* Relationally -
* I got the opportunity to take Caitlin to a birthday party for a girl in her class and was able to spend 2 1/2 hours talking with other moms from her school. I was encouraged by the instant connections I had with them
* I went to the park again with a girl I met, the one that seems to really need a friend. God opened up opportunities for us to talk about the gospel and for me to really just show her love. It was a neat time. Praying for more opportunities.
* We met a family that lives down the street from us that has three kids. They are really nice and we talked to them for quite a while. Hoping to get to know them more. They are easy to talk to and seemed like we connected with them.
* We have been able to spend time with another family from our church and continue to build a friendship with them. My girls love their girls and I am always encouraged by her sweet and caring personality.
* We started meeting with the leadership and their wives every other week - the beginning of our small groups. I am excited to get to know these couples better and to see the way God uses each of them in our lives. They all have so much to offer.
* God continues to show me reasons why we are here and I am excited to see what He does!

* We found a time to use our gift cards and take the girls to Disneyland! It is actually 2fer here (you buy one ticket and get another to the other park free) so we are going again this Thursday and taking Carson and Kaylee with us.

* Health - God continues to sustain me and give me the energy I need to do what is necessary. I am needing to continue focusing on this and praise Him for it. It is easy for me to get overwhelmed with all I am not doing and want to, but when it comes down to it I am doing what He wants me to and I must rest in that. Things have really picked up for us so this is a huge praise!

Thank you for all of your continued prayers! God is working and we are excited to see how He continues to use the prayers of His people to bring about His glory!