Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Look what I can do

I can not believe how quickly Carson has been changing lately. He recently went through a growth spurt and a developmental spurt. Here are some of the fun things he can do or has recently experienced:
Life with sisters; he already likes their dolls
Going swimming
Grabbing and playing with his toys
Laughing. The first time was at mom (I was very excited about that), but now it is at Cait
And just enjoying life.
We are so blessed to have an incredibly easy baby. Carson smiles all the time and rarely cries.

Little Moments

Reading Richard Scary, one of their favorite books. I love it when I catch them enjoying something together.

These are their "cheese" smiles.

Playing house. Caitlin and Grace love their babies, cooking, and pretending to be some of our good friends and their families "playing house".

Painted toes. We have two very girly girls who love jewelry, dresses, and getting their toes painted. These are Graces toes.
I painted her toes this time, but usually Nona, my mom, paints them. One day I painted my own toes and Grace asked me "Nona paint your toes mommy?"

Just waking up.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dinner Table Rule #2

I know most people who do these sorts of blogs post funny stuff their kids say but I'm going to make an exception and post something my wife said.

Last week we instituted three rules for dinner time behavior one of which is to not talk with your mouth full.

Several nights later as Nicole was attempting to jog Caitlin's memory she informed Caitlin that we are not to talk with our mouth open. Caitlin looked at Nicole funny and I started laughing. Soon we all joined in the laughter and had a little fun trying to talk with our mouths closed (you try it- I'll bet you'll find it quite humorous).

All of this made me thankful for my family and particularly for my wife and her humility displayed in being willing to laugh at herself.