Monday, April 19, 2010

What you've been waiting for

The past few weeks have been pretty busy for us. Between a trip up north, grandma coming to visit, and a little family get a way to the Hot Springs I have not had much down time. We have a little reprieve this week and then the craziness picks up with friends and family staying with us for various graduations and disneyland trips. Then at the end of May we are all going to Texas for Jon and Julia's wedding. Add in to all of this the every day normal life things that have to happen like school, cleaning, laundry, training, and well lets just say I am consistently busy. However, I am thankful for all of this business because it involves people and opportunities to love, serve, encourage, train, and teach.
Most of our blog has been devoted to pictures, but lately I have been trying to write more to give everyone a better idea of how God is working and what He is teaching us in this amazing journey of faith we are on. But I know most of you are wanting more pictures. So, here you go!

Time with Grandma

Nancy, Grandma, drove home with us after our visit to Auburn and spent the next week with us. While she was here we did some fun things, and we just lived our lives and let her be a part of it.

Caitlin striking a pose

Grandma always helped with our flowers, so we made sure she didn't miss out this year! And the three younger ones got to help

Just some fun pictures of everyone playing outside and enjoying having Grandma around!

Our neighbors have been doing a lot of work on their house, and the first project the workers did was build a small wall between our yards. Carson loves to work and was inspired. Since watching he consistently drives around our yard in his "work truck" with wood and tools in the back and fixes and builds whatever he can get his hands on. I love seeing his thoughts and creativity!

One day we went to a really fun park about 10 min from us. It has great play equipment, a huge pond, and a big loop to ride bikes/walk. The kids loved it and we can't wait to go back.

We also got to decorate cupcakes with a fun cupcake decorating kit Grandma got us. Cait had a friend from school over, Tess, who got to join in on the fun.

Kaylee watching after she reaped the benefits of the decorating!

Time at Papa and Nona's House

For Caitlin's spring break this year we went up to Auburn to visit our family and friends who we miss greatly! It was a busy time, but a sweet time as well. We spent most of our nights at my parents house and the kids had a great time playing with all my sibling.

Dying Easter eggs

Laughing at themselves as they watch a video they took of them being silly

Carson spent a lot of time out on the bikes and skateboard

Disneyland 2010

Below are some fun pictures of us at Disneyland. The first time around just Tim, Caitlin, Grace, and I went to Disneyland. The next time Tim took Caitlin, Grace, and Carson to California Adventure by himself.

Waiting to see Bugs Life

Dancing with the Disneyland street party

Princess Jasmine (our longest wait for a "ride")

Graces favorite ride until she rode Space Mountain

First time behind the wheel