Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Legalism 101

Just to clarify, this is not what we are wanting our kids to learn! Sunday on the way home from church Cait and I had the following conversation:

C: Where were the Vincents? I didn't see Drew at church
M: Miss Tammi told me that Drew had a football game today
C: He must not want to know God then!
M: Why do you say that?
C: Because church is more important than football
M: That is true but that doesn't mean he does not want to know God because he missed church one Sunday
C: Well I think he should of missed his game
M: I don't think most of his games are on Sunday. Plus, we have missed church before, it's the same thing.
C: But going to church means you love God
M: You can still love god and not go to church. It is good to go to church because we can worship God and love others there, but it does not mean that if you don't go sometimes you don't love God. Your heart is what is important
C: Oh! So Drew can still love God even though he played football!
M: Yes!!

(Julie, hope this does not make you feel bad! I thought it was hilarious and a good opportunity for Caitlin. Hope Drew had a good game)

Kindergarten Insights

It has been really fun hearing all of Cait's stories and new little insights into life since she started school. One of my favorites is a recent conversations she had with a little boy in her class. For Auburn, there is quite the racial diversity in her class. On the first day of school I am pretty sure her teacher addressed this due to some of Cait's comments about her classmates being dark skinned or being able to speak spanish. Well, Cait is very intrigued with spanish. So Tim encouraged her to ask a little boy in her class how to say something in spanish as he has been a little shy. This is what took place when she got home:

"I asked Ignacio how to say "nice to meet you" today, do you know what he said? "Nice to meet you!"
I guess we were not clear enough that she had to ask him to say it in spanish!