Sunday, May 31, 2009

Daddy Bud and Aunt Joanie visit

In April we had the pleasure of having Tim's grandfather and Aunt visit us. It was a lot of fun to see them and share a little bit of our lives with them. Our kids loved them, but Carson had an extra special spot for Daddy bud! Unfortunately, I do not have a single picture of Aunt Joanie, but she was here!

This was not an easy picture to get! At least no one is crying in this one!

Thanks for coming Daddy Bud and Aunt Joanie! We are so blessed that you did! Hope to see you again soon.

The Last 6 weeks in Review

Things around here have been rather busy, what is new! Carson turned 2 and is a very busy, independent, cuddly, sweet boy. He keeps me on my toes to say the least! On top of that Kaylee started crawling / scooting (I don't think she can decide which is easier). So I have a lot of damage control / prevention that takes place in my days. Also, Grace turned 4, Tim and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary, Cait is wrapping up her school year, and Tim and I are getting ready to head back east for a friends wedding and vacation (with just Makaylee). So, here are a few pictures to get me "caught up" so I can post some from our trip.

My cute, chunky crawler enjoying some sun!

Grace showing us how old she is

Carson with his new favorite toy, a drill just like Dad's!

"Covering" their eyes for their birthday gifts, Kites

Cait and I at an awards celebration for a young writers contest