Saturday, September 25, 2010

Firsts of Fall

Well fall is here and with it come many new firsts and a packed schedule.
First, we had our first soccer games:

Cait's team is the Lime-inators, and she scored a goal her first game

Grace has improved drastically this year! She also scored a goal for her team, the Lavender Ponies, that Tim is coaching. We are playing AYSO this year and they do things differently. Grace only has 5 players on her team and only 3 play at a time with no goalie. Cait has 7 players on her team with 5 playing at a time with no goalie.

And our little wannabe soccer player, a.k.a. their biggest fan

First day of school!!!

Cait is in 2nd Grade this year

Grace started Kindergarten - she loves every minute of it!

First glasses - Cait has been a trooper with needing glasses and has had a great attitude so far. She did have one boy in her class tease her yesterday so we got to have a good conversation about forgiveness and not worrying about what others think.

First "real" bike for Carson (he wasn't too thrilled with having his picture taken)

And last, first style. Kaylee's look for the games today!

Our community groups (small groups) also started up, and this week Carson will be starting a phonological preschool for speech therapy once a week. I am enjoying having some more time with Carson and Kaylee while the girls are in school, but we do miss having them around all the time.