Saturday, April 18, 2009

Makaylee is 6 months

I love being outside!

This crazy, go get 'em face is a common one on our Kaylee. She has this big open mouth grin she gets when she is real excited or really wants to go somewhere.

That open mouth grin again!
Her serious, checking things out / sizing them up look

Our happy girl!

Kaylee has been such a joy to our family! From watching Cait mother her, Grace play with her and make her giggle (she truly can make her belly laugh like no one else), Carson loving on her and trying to make her smile and laugh (he is becoming successful!), and the sweet cuddles that only mom gets. She is full of life and can't wait to chase after everyone else. She has taught me more than I ever imagined a newborn could, and I know will continue to teach me to depend on and trust our Heavenly Father and praise Him for the gifts of my children. Her acid reflux continues to be an issue but is controlled through diet and medicine. She started solids and so far is doing well. She loves being outside, chewing on things (or gumming them), playing on the floor (she is not a big fan of the exersaucer), jumping, sitting, getting raspberries, and time with just mom and dad!


Grace has taken off with expressing her thoughts more clearly. She tells us long stories that are either "awesome, really funny, or amazing." She talks with Cait a lot, however, when Cait is not in the car with us I don't think she ever stops talking unless she is tired! Here are a few classic Grace comments:

We were in the car driving and Grace was using her imagination (something she does often). All of a sudden I hear her talking to her feet. So, I asked what she was talking to them about. Her response, "I am naming them!" "What are you naming them?" "Tinky and Nicki."

Right before easter her and Cait were downstairs in their room. Apparently Cait knocked Grace's popscicle cross she made at church off their dresser. This is the conversation that followed:
G: Cait, you knocked the cross that Jesus died on for our sins on the ground!
C: He didn't die on that cross Grace so why do you want it?
G: So people will know that He died on the cross for our sins
C: People know that Grace
G: No, there are people around the world that do not know that Jesus died on the cross for our sins!
C: Well they are not coming to our house
G: Well, I want to keep it on our dresser if they do

I love her sweetness, silliness, and crazy imagination!


Lately my kids have been really into doing "tricks." Here is Cait balancing.

Carson, very proud of his ingenuity in balancing the chair upside down against the side of the house!

Cait working on her headstands

This doesn't look like much, but it is the beginning of Kaylee starting to move (she was on the mat originally). This was almost 2 months ago and now she is scooting backwards like crazy. She really wants to chase her brother and sisters (mom's not sure shes ready though)!

Carson, balancing on a chair again. Notice a pattern?! If he wants to do something or needs something a chair is his current solution. In his mind he can do everything as long as he is able to get a chair to the spot needed!