Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Trip Pics Pt. 3

If you're getting tired of our St. Louis trip pics take heart- this will be the final installment.

The girls beneath the arch.

Checking for structural integrity.

Enjoying the view.

Hanging out with the grizzly.

Contemplating Ole Miss.

Trip Pics Pt. 2

Here is a second installment of pictures from our October trip to St. Louis.

The girls and dad at the world renowned St. Louis zoo.

Caitlin with Tim's Aunt Joanie

Three generations of men.

Me and my beautiful bride (just in case anyone was wondering who was posting).

Grace at the park (yes, we spent a lot of time at St. Louis parks)

Trip Pics Pt. 1

Mid October we took a trip to St. Louis to see relatives- Mommy Dot and Daddy Bud, Aunt Penny, Uncle Stosh, Aunt Joanie, and Cousin Rebecca to be specific (Grandma came along). It was an incredible trip with lots of memories and lots of good pictures. Here are a few.

The girls enjoying their plane ride.

Carson, trying to figure out how a big hunk of metal can stay airborne

Grace and Grandma taking the reins at the Botanical Gardens kids park.

Caitlin giving her "beautiful" look at Turtle Park in St. Louis

Carson, hanging out at Turtle Park.