Monday, June 21, 2010

In case you were curious what I do all day

I was checking my e-mail real quick today, and this is what was happening in the other room:

And this is what that bookcase usually looks like:

After, my cute, sweet little Makaylee emptied the books out I put her in her room to play while Cait and Grace and I cleaned them up. While she was in there, she climbed on Carsons bed and then got on top of the changing table. There is seriously never a dull moment with her right now. She is so much fun right now and so much work!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Busy Times

The last month and a half has been pretty busy for us. We started off May with Tim's parents and brother and sister-in-law coming to visit for Jon's graduation. Unfortunately I have no pictures of that, but below is a re-cap of the what else has taken place.
We discovered our new favorite snack, peanut butter
filled pretzels. We like them so much that Kaylee
gets them out herself!

Grace turned 5 and got a new bike

Carson turned 3 and his favorite person right now, Joe Levis, brought him balloons for his birthday. Made his day!

The next weekend the Thorton's pitched their trailer in front of our house while they were here for Maria's graduation. While they were here we got to enjoy the beach with them.

We took a trip to the zoo. More pics to come from Grace's perspective.

And, we all flew to Texas to celebrate Jon and Julia's wedding.
More pics to come of that too!

Then, we started off June right by visiting our Farmers market and getting arm "paintings"
(can you guess who's arm is who's?)

Last, my brother and his two younger kids were visiting my parents from Georgia and were gracious enough to drive down and see us since we could not make it up there. It was a fun time of being able to introduce our kids to them and just spend time together. Unfortunately, Cait was already at school when I realized we didn't have a single picture of their time. O well!
Included in our business was the first official gathering of Redemption Church of Northridge. My family got to be here for it and it was a blessing.
You can be praying for us as we are having a neighborhood summer kick-off BBQ at our house next Sat. Pray for opportunities to get to know our neighbors better and just show the love of Christ to them. So far the warm weather is proving to be very helpful for this. We have already been swimming at two different houses and are on to our third on Sunday.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Redemption Northridge June Update Letter

Here is a link to the latest update letter for Redemption Church of Northridge.

Thanks for your prayers and support.