Sunday, July 6, 2008

I can't believe it...

...I am updating our blog. Although, I am creating the blogging no, no, publishing multiple posts in one day. However, there is a lot I have been wanting to put up and I finally have an evening where I am awake, have no pressing items on my task list, and it is a reasonable hour! Having a 14 month old and being pregnant makes this a very rare happening for me. Speaking of being pregnant I had a request for my due date. I am due October 24th.
Here is a favorite photo of each of my kids, and many posts to follow!

4th of July

This Year we celebrated the 4th of July with all of my family (the Bigelow's), Tim's parents, the Myers, and Chrisy's parents. We had a big group and a lot of fun.

Family Vacation '08

This post is mainly for family, but I am sure more than that will enjoy! Most of the pictures below are from the zoo in Santa Barbara or Pismo Beach. Carson became a walker on this trip so it was especially fun seeing him trying to keep up with his sisters and do what they were doing. He also turned one while we were gone.

Checking out the animals

I love this picture of Cait because it really shows all of her exuberance for life!

Visiting Friends

Cait and our dear friends The Jacksons youngest, Owen

Grace and Sydney Jackson

Patrick and Natalie

Amy Andersen and Carson

Carson, Ian, Cait, Amy, and Grace
(Ian and Amy are some of our kids favorite people)

The Flower Girl

In May (I know 2 months ago!) Cait was in her first wedding. So, here are some fun pictures of our little flower girl and her "princess" sister.